Kits for Students

The financial hardship of many families does allow them to provide their children with the basic equipment they need for school. It’s needless to say that the lack of an intact folder, or coming to class with an empty pencil case because the parents did not have money to fill it up can have a destructive effect on a child.

For the opening of a new school year, “Notnim BeAhavah” leads an amazing “back to school” campaign. As part of this campaign, “Notnim BeAhavah” gives out new school backpacks, fully equipped with all the necessary equipment, such as writing utensils, a pencil case, notebooks, folders and school books. Each kit costs about one thousand NIS.

This project is carried out in collaboration with welfare departments and municipal agencies.

Before the opening of the 2012 school year, over 4,000 new and fully equipped backpackswere distributed by “Notnim BeAhavah”. That’s how it is when you give with love.