“Notnim BeAhavah” – “Giving with Love” is just that: giving those who are in need, as equals and from love. “Notnim BeAhavah” is all about helping a child who’s in a state of risk, aiding families who are below the poverty line, being there for thelonely elder and turning Israel into a better place. The funding comes from you. From the contribution you give according to what you can. With your help we are able to make people smile, despite the state they are in. A smile that is worth millions. Even in difficult financial times, we continue to do our utmost. To support, encourage, help and assist, provide, give, indulge, rescue, show mercy and compassion. In one word – to love.

“Notnim BeAhavah” is looking for partners.

“Notnim BeAhavah” is inviting you to join the circle of giving, an infinite circle that is all good. We all give with love.

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