Summer Camps

Those that have send their child to a summer camp. But what do those who don’t have do? These kids sit at home and count the many weeks of the long summer vacation. In the best case scenario, they get bored, bite off their nails and envy their classmates who get to enjoy attractions and activities, fit especially for those hot summer days. In the worst case scenario, they deteriorate to violence and drugs and stoop as low as possible. This discrimination is disruptive to the underprivileged group of children also upon their return to school. Educators state this very clearly: a child who does not spend the summer days appropriately – cannot study properly. “Notnim BeAhavah”managers and volunteers sat with leading professionals in the field of education and created the “Summer Camps” project – funding summer camps for underprivileged students, in coordination with nationwide welfare authorities.


Here is one additional reason that the Israeli society is in need of the “NotnimBeAhavah” organization.