Suggestions: healthy sandwiches for scool

School is a place where children learn to develop social relationships, acquire learning skills and begin to pave their future paths as teenagers and adults. We are all pleased to hear about our children’s excellent achievements in their studies, see them enrich themselves through the content they learn and cultivate social relationships with those around them. Most of us do not have direct impact on the enjoyment of our children in school. Our only significant contribution to our children, in addition to love and confidence – is healthy sandwiches.



  1. Shakshuka Sandwich – Shakshuka is one of foods about which there is agreement between most children and adults. Many love their tomato Shakshuka hot, so it is best to prepare the sandwich early in the morning and place it in a lunchbox that keeps it warm. You can use fresh tomatoes or special tomatoes for Shakshuka, as well as flavorsome free-ranging chicken eggs.
  1. Colorful Vegetable Sandwich – vegetables are among the most important components contributing to our children’s health. There is no doubt that they are among the ingredients that it is most important to include in the children’s diet. In order to make the sandwich interesting and special, it should contain vegetables that children like, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, roasted mushrooms and more.
  1. Sandwich with Patties – lentils or chickpea patties, mushroom patties that are pan fried or any other grain provide a full, wholesome lunch when served in a sandwich. It is important to use whole wheat rolls and make the sandwich as wholesome as possible by combining grain in the patties, keeping them fresh and adding spreads and sauces such as tahini, hummus and more.
  1. Pizza Sandwich – Many kids love pizza. Using low fat Mozzarella cheese or low fat cheese substitutes ensures that the sandwich will provide a healthy, high quality breakfast
  1. Sandwich with Grilled Vegetables – grilled vegetables make any sandwich more interesting. By combining grilled or roasted vegetables such as peppers or mushrooms, zucchini or any other vegetable, you can make a sandwich much more interesting. It is important to add a wide variety of grilled vegetables and not use only familiar ones, or commonplace vegetables, in order to enrich the sandwich and make it more attractive.notnim-donate


  1. Sandwich with Falafel – Falafel is among the best-loved foods for many Israelis and in the world in general. Falafel contains important nutrients, including some that are essential to our children’s bodies. It is preferable to combine falafel with tahini, vegetables and French fries, and of course it’s best to choose the option that does not include frying – even in the case of potatoes and the falafel balls themselves.
  1. Israeli Sandwich – hummus, tahini and olive oil are recognized as a well-loved and familiar Israeli combination. This is the reason that every year hummus restaurants continue to open throughout the country, and become a huge success in a short time. Children and adults alike love Israeli hummus and are happy to eat it even when it comes inside a pita they take to school.
  1. Sabih Sandwich – Sabih is composed of eggplants and eggs, and can make school great fun. It is best not to fry the eggplant, but rather to grill it in order to preserve its nutritional value.
  1. Sweet Toast – children really love bread that is crunchy. In toast form, a sandwich is turned into something more like a snack. With high quality homemade jam, this is a real sweet treat.
  1. “Only Good Things” Sandwich – peanut butter, high-quality dates, almonds and pecans, cashew butter and granola – all of which can fill a high-quality sandwich, and fill our children’s belly with love.
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