Suggestions for healthy lunch for children

School hours are long hours during which children develop social skills and learn content that is important for their lives. The foods they eat during these hours have the greatest impact on their attention span and social skills. What should you give children to eat and what meals supply their need for healthy food and interesting flavors?


Modern culture offers us a huge variety of rich and varied flavors. Most of today’s most popular foods are not at the top of the health pyramid. We as parents have a duty to ensure that our children eat properly. How will we provide our children with the nutritional value they need most of all? We have prepared a list for you with quality, healthy foods you can prepare for your children’s lunch and give them after school.

Variety of nutritious meal ideas

  1. Brown (whole grain) or white rice and peas, with salad – rice is among the foods that contain a large number of nutrients which protect our child’s body and health. It is advisable to prefer brown (whole grain) rice over white rice because of its nutritional composition. Also, adding a salad with a variety of vegetables and olive oil to the meal is recommended.
  2. Lentil and mushroom patties – lentils play a significant part in the percentage of protein consumed by children. Red lentils are preferable over green lentils, but each of them has its own unique advantages. Black lentils, that are now easily available, are a central ingredient in many restaurant menus, and are used by many leading chefs. When mushrooms are added to a dish, they contribute their delicate flavor, making the dish a gourmet treat.
  3. Cauliflower croquette with tofu or cheese – cauliflower has a unique flavor and every bite is a joy. Croquettes made of cauliflower and cheese or tofu is a snack that is usually consumed at home very quickly, and hardly any ever remains for long. Cauliflowers croquette with tofu or cheese, with the addition of flour, are a full lunch, with a salad or vegetables on the side.
  4. Whole-wheat pasta in tomato sauce – pasta is a high-quality and dependable source of carbohydrate. Whole wheat pasta provides the body with all carbohydrates it needs, while the tomatoes provide antioxidants that are effective and significant in the prevention of cancer.


  5.  Sweet potato muffins – for many people, and many reasons, sweet potatoes are a favorite vegetable. Sweet potatoes turn every meal into a celebration. By preparing sweet potatoes in a manner suitable for baking, you can attain a high level of quality and unrivaled pleasure. It is important to maintain the freshness of sweet potatoes to ensure maximal quality and rich flavor.
  6. Kuba stuffed with mushrooms – Kube is made of crushed oats that are a good source of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. The mushroom filling turns the Kube into a wholesome and excellent dish. It is important to ensure that all the ingredients are fresh.
  7. Wholesome noodles – noodles can be added to a wide range of quality dishes. Noodles can be made of eggs, and added to soups, and it is possible to find noodles made of whole wheat flour. You can serve noodles with various roasted vegetables and turn the meal into a real celebration.
  8. Lasagna with garlic and chive cream – lasagna is a great source of carbohydrates. It is advisable to add spices and heat it in the oven for a medium long time, so that it won’t burn on the one hand and on the other hand will be fully cooked.
  9.  Spinach patties – Spinach is an excellent source of iron and energy. This is one of the reasons that spinach is a popular and well-loved vegetable. Spinach patties are an excellent source of healthy nutrients and its flavor and color entice children to eat them.
  10. Variety of pies and casseroles – various types of pies will make your lunch more memorable. You can prepare the pies with your children and let them choose the ingredients.
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