Parents’s nutrition – affects their children


We serve as role models for our children when they are young. Even without realizing it, we transmit to them our basic, daily habits – from eating and sleeping to overall management of our lives and lifestyle. What is our impact on our children?


The importance of proper eating habits

It is widely known that dietary habits are firmly implanted in us at an early age, and in fact eating habits constitute the foundations of a proper and balanced lifestyle. Eating properly is responsible for creating a mind-body balance, healthy sleep, quality of life, motivation and concentration in studies and work, better communication skills, longevity, prevention of disease and more. The food we eat has a significant impact on our daily consumption, on our mood, emotional balance and more.

As adults, we regulate our bodies and teach it various types of routines and habits. As we grow older, we all discover that our body has in fact gotten used to very specific routines that are not always healthy for our young children, whose body is not suited for absorbing these foods. There are quite a few habits that we have adapted and acquired that directly affect our children even without our noticing it. These effects will accompany them throughout their lives. Which of our habits affects our children and how can we serve as a positive role model?



Eating hours

Over the past two centuries, we have expanded our waking hours and the hours that most people typically remain active. In the past, people usually stayed awake until the evening, and as darkness fell would go to sleep. With the advent of electric lighting in general, and various technologies and a range of options – we can now continue to be active until very late at night. Many of us eat our most substantial meal of the day late at night, when our bodies are tired from being active all day long. Other people skip breakfast because they are in a hurry to reach their workplace.

These habits may have a significant impact on the quality of life, resistance and immunity of our children’s bodies. There is no doubt that eating at the right, proper hours of the day, maintaining a balanced diet and not eating at night establishes proper order in their lives.


Healthy Foods

The abundance and diversity surrounding us makes it very difficult to choose healthy and wholesome foods. A variety of chocolates and sweets, high-fat foods and different types of junk food, foods that raise our blood cholesterol and more – all of these cause significant damage to our bodies. In order to ensure that our children will only consume healthy foods, it is important that as parents we serve as models for a healthy and proper lifestyle. It is important to incorporate into our diets a variety of fresh and unprocessed foods. These include fruits and vegetables, both raw and slightly cooked.

Our menu should include all the nutrients and avoid foods full of food coloring or various types of preservatives. Natural food colors are not necessarily nourishing, so it is advisable to prefer natural foods and the right balance between carbohydrates and proteins. A meal that includes whole-wheat pasta or rice, with vegetables and peas as protein, is a meal that teaches children good habits and provides them with suitable nutritional values.

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