How it started

Summer, 2006. In the midst of the second Lebanon war, a group of volunteers from the northern and the southern parts of Israeljoin forces to aid residents of the north and at times, even risking their lives, they help deliver food and supplies to those in need.

The decision is then made: it is time to do something actual and genuine and to unite the group of volunteers into an official entity that will incorporate these many acts of kind-heartedness that are done for the Israeli public.

And so thisgroup of volunteers, privately and individually helping and aiding the needy, turned into a large and official organization that helps hundreds of needy families in Israel, in coordination with the different welfare authorities.

The “Notnim BeAhavah” organization is subject to the Registrar of Endowments and is recognized as a non-profit organization; a companyfor the benefit of the Israeli public.

The goal facing the organization is to aid as much as possible and alleviate the suffering of orphans and widows, large families, single mothers, immigrants, bereaved families, the elderly, terror victims and mostly to help children defeat the vicious cycle of poverty and help them equally integrate in Israeli society